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Beverages - Rolling Meadows

Soft Drinks $2.25

Diet Coke
Cherry Coke
Iced Tea (unsweetened)

Ramune (Japanese Marble Soda) $2.25
Juice $2.25

Orange Juice
Apple Juice

Bottled Water $2.25
1% Organic Milk $2.50
Premium Japanese Green Tea (Hot) $1
Japanese Iced Green Tea $2.25

Miller Lite

$3.5 (Small Bottle)

Sapporo Premium
Asahi Super Dry

$3.85 (Small Bottle)

Kirin Ichiban Draft

$4.5 (12 fl.oz. mug)

(Available only at our Rolling Meadows restaurant.)
At Sushi Station®, we have brought a tap server directly from Japan to offer you Kirin Ichiban Shibori at its freshest:

Its silky texture, creamy bubbles, smooth yet full-bodied flavor, and depth make it a great tasting draft beer.

Taste the difference! We are sure you will be captivated once it hits your throat.

Japanese Draft Beer
Kirin Ichiban Draft served by 12 fl.oz. beer mug.
Hot Sake S (6 fl.oz) $3.95
L (12 fl.oz) $6.75


Cold Sake Bottle (10 fl.oz) $8.25

Shochikubai Premium "Ginjo"

Wine / Plum Wine  

Red Wine “Pinot Noir”

Glass: $6.5 Bottle: $25

White Wine “Pinot Grigio”

Glass: $6.5 Bottle: $25

Plum Wine “Kinsen”

Glass: $3.75