How to enjoy Sushi Station!

There is always a first time for everything and our restaurant is not an exception. If you are new to our restaurant, you may find our serving system to be very different from others. This is called “Kaiten (revolving) Sushi” and it is very popular in Japan.

Below is a breakdown of how it works. Once you understand the system, you will see why our restaurant is full of returning customers. It is easy, quick, and reasonable. One-Two-Three and you are good to go!

IRA-SSHAI! (Welcome!)

Step 1: When you enter the restaurant, please wait to be seated. A friendly staff member will seat you momentarily.

Step 2: Once seated, feel free to start choosing your food from the “kaiten (revolving) Sushi” bar or you can even order something hot from the kitchen.

Step 3: There are six different colors ranging in price from $1.25 to $6.25. The color of the plate that you choose determines the cost. The chart on the right shows you the colors and their correspoding prices. The same chart is also displayed in the restaurant for your convenience.

Step 4: You may be what the clear lids on each plate are; they are provided in order to keep your sushi fresh and delicious at all times! Sushi Station® is also equiped with refrigerated dome to further enhance the quality.

Please do not return the lids to the conveyor since they could cause it to jam.

Step 5: When you are finished, ask the server to tally up the plates that you have stacked up at the table. Once you have received your check, please proceed to the front cashier and pay. (Elgin restaurant has different check out method.)

More Information?

Would you like to learn more about “Kaiten Sushi” style? We have prepared “Trivia” page about “Kaiten Sushi”. Click here!

You can check out our virtual gallery complete with video presentations to experience the best sushi restaurant in Chicagoland! (But no matter how much technology has advanced, you still have to come to our restaurant to enjoy the greatest sushi in Chicagoland!) Hope to see you soon and enjoy!