Would you like to bring our fresh sushi home?

Takeout orders are accepted until 30 minutes (15minutes in Elgin) before the closing time (both lunch and dinner). Please allow us 15 to 30 minutes to prepare your orders (We may need more time during busy hours). Party trays may take up to one hour.

  • Sushi Station® cannot be liable for any conditions or allergic reactions
    from consumption of raw, shellfish or uncooked food.
  • # = Availability limited to supply.
  • Price may vary depending on season and size.
  • Wasabi, Ginger, Soy Sauce and Special Sauces:
    There is one complementary packaged wasabi and a cup of soy sauce for every $10 order. (ie. $20 order includes 2 each of them.) There is also one complementary cup of ginger regardless of the order size. Party trays are exceptions. No substitutions.
    50 cents each: Fresh wasabi(2 cups), Soy sauce(2 cups), Ginger(1 cup), Special sauces(1 cup) such as teriyaki sauce, unagi sauce, and spicy mayo
    10 cents each: Packaged wasabi and packaged soy sauce